Gaypride 2019

On Saturday, August 3rd, 2019 is the annual gay -pride . You can rent a boat to see the Gaypride from the water.

All boats are rented only for the whole day . You can pick up the boat early in the morning and return after Gay Pride.

Access to the Prinsengracht (Gaypride canal) is limited this year. You will receive an admission ticket for the Prinsengracht for your boat. The costs are € 410 including VAT. Upon departure we ask for a deposit of € 100.

Please note that you are unable to sail with the Gaypride itself and you’re responsible to find a spot to dock with all other boats along the Prinsengracht. This should not be a problem if you take out the boat early to the Prinsengracht canal. Mokumboat extra opens at 7:30 .

You can book your boat online starting January 2019

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