We got these questions before

How many people are allowed in a sloop?
Maximum of 6 people. With 6 people you are all very comfortable.

How long do the batteries last?
The batteries last all day, you can sail carefree for at least 10 hours!

What is the speed of the sloops?
The sloops go about 6 km/h, this is the maximum allowed speed in Amsterdam.

Do I need a boating license?
No, a license is not required.

Can I sail without experience?
You don’t need any experience. The boats are easy to operate. We explain everything calmly before you start sailing.

Can I bring food and drinks?
Yes, you can. Have a picnic on board! When using alcohol, remember that the captain must remain sober at all times.

Is there a map on board?
Yes, we have a clear sailing map of the Amsterdam canals full of useful tips and routes.

Do I have to pay tourist tax?
Yes, the municipality of Amsterdam levies a tax of € 1.50 per person for the use of the canals. This is in addition to our rental rate. This levy applies to everyone, even for those who live in Amsterdam.

Do I have to pay a deposit?
Yes, upon boarding we ask you for a deposit of €100. You can pay this, along with the rent, with both a debit and credit card. Cash is not accepted.

What happens to my payment in case of bad weather?
In the event of heavy and prolonged rain or thunderstorms, a booking can be moved free of charge to another date, cancellation free of charge is negotiable. It is possible to cancel free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the trip. During major events such as King’s Day and Gay Pride, different rules apply due to the high demand for boats.

What are the sailing rules?

  • Always sail starboard (right)
  • The maximum allowed speed is 6 km per hour. This is faster than a pedestrian, but slower than a cyclist
  • Commercial vessels, such as tour boats, always have priority
  • Be clear in the course you are sailing
  • Approach bridges so that you are visible to any oncoming traffic
  • It is forbidden to drive a boat under the influence of alcohol
  • Causing nuisance is not allowed (including music and shouting)
  • Music on board is not allowed
  • Prohibited sailing areas are: the IJ, Harbor area, Nieuwe Herengracht, Route Westerkanaal, Kostverlorenvaart, Schinkel (crossing the water is allowed)
  • Mooring to trees, under or to bridges and where this is indicated by a prohibition sign is not allowed
  • Provide good lighting at dusk or in the dark so that your vessel is clearly visible
  • Never take risks, safety comes first
  • Is your question not listed? Call or email us!