Also fond of mini-pancakes? Then, set sail across the Amstel river towards the Amstel Station. Just past the Berlage Bridge you will find the Poffertjesboat, a pop-up Mini-Pancakes (dutch: Poffertjes) Float With Your Boat! Recognizable by the large Swan and Sunflowers near the landing stage. Only this summer!


In good weather, Poffertjesboat is opened for mini-pancakes to-go. You can moor briefly and continue your boat trip with a portion of red-hot mini-pancakes! The super jolly and likeable mini-pancake baker entertains and serves you with a large oar. Sure thing, they do everything to guarantee 1.5 metres safety! Obviously, Poffertjesboat is a great destination while taking a boat trip across Amsterdam! Are you short on time? Then pass your order 10 minutes in advance by calling (+31 )06 21 51 11 11. Please check the Facebook page for current opening times.

Please note: no toilets.

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